Origins & Mission

To emphasize their commitment to maintaining an inclusive and accepting environment in their venues, leaders from the Bruins, Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox, Revolution, and Pride gathered to share information, practices, and ideas. With the leadership of state and city officials, the teams agreed to partner on an initiative that would help advance the dialogue on race and share community initiatives that help foster a diverse fan base and front office.

Take the Lead’s initiatives focus on three principle areas:


Fostering an inclusive and safe in-venue environment for fans to watch our New England teams compete


Supporting community outreach initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion


Collaborating on inclusive hiring practices to make the teams and the sports industry increasingly diverse


The Take the Lead PSA is played in participating team venues to promote awareness of the initiative. In addition to the PSA, Take the Lead hosts an annual career summit allowing attendees the chance to learn more about pursuing a profession in the sports industry and networking opportunities with current front office staff. An annual Take the Lead fellowship program is another way the teams provide interested candidates with hands-on work experience in each front office. Outside of the Take the Lead program, the individual teams also continue to advance their own diversity, equity, and inclusion work.