To emphasize their commitment to maintaining an inclusive and accepting environment in their venues, leaders from the Bruins, Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox, Revolution, and Pride gathered to share information, practices, and ideas. With the leadership of state and city officials, the teams agreed to partner on an initiative that would help advance the dialogue on race and share community initiatives that help foster a diverse fan base and front office.
Take the Lead's initiatives focus on three principal areas:
Fostering an inclusive and safe in-venue environment for fans to watch our New England teams compete
Supporting community outreach initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion
Collaborating on inclusive hiring practices to make the teams and the sports industry increasingly diverse

What is Take the Lead?

Launched in 2017, Take the Lead is a collaboration among New England's sports teams to stand up to racism and hate speech, and to provide diverse communities with access and opportunities to careers in sports. Sports mirror society, and the social issues that we face in our communities often arise in our ballparks, stadiums and arenas.

We have decided to take a stand against one of the most difficult challenges - combating racism and hate - in our own homes and in our venues. We hope by setting the standard where we live and play, and looking within our organizations to bring about meaningful change, we will encourage fans to take the lead in their own homes, businesses, and communities.

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The Boston Professional Sports teams are committed to creating an inclusive environment for everyone to enjoy. We commit to fostering a diverse office experience and welcome conversations and collaborations focusing around diversity, equity, and inclusion.