The Boston Red Sox in partnership with the New England Patriots, Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics, New England Revolution and Boston Pride created the Take the Lead Fellowship as part of a collaboration between the six teams to share community programs and initiatives that help foster greater racial diversity within their respective fan bases and front offices. The Fellowship is designed for an approximate one-year period and while the specific job responsibilities may change from one year to the next, each year a new individual will be selected for this Fellowship to work in a Red Sox front office position. As part of the program, the Fellow will spend up to four weeks at each of the other five teams during the course of the year to broaden his or her exposure to the sports industry, learn skills needed for future positions in the industry, and gain additional perspective on how the teams foster an inclusive and accepting environment in each of the respective venues.


Marvel Melon

Current Fellow

Marvel's Experience
Kaity and Blades, the Bruins mascot

Kaity Goodwin

2022-2023 Fellow

Kaity's Experience
Jae and a commemorative Celtics basketball

Jaehmar Paul

2021-2022 Fellow

Jae's Experience

Kensha Grandoit

2019-2020 Fellow

Olivia Irving

2018-2019 Fellow

Where Are They Now?

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The Boston Professional Sports teams are committed to creating an inclusive environment for everyone to enjoy. We commit to fostering a diverse office experience and welcome conversations and collaborations focusing around diversity, equity, and inclusion.